"I can honestly say that I enjoyed my birthing experience. I believe this was in part due to the extensive help we had from our doula Shasta Harville. She went above and beyond our contract by attending hypnobirthing classes with us in order to be familiar with the process and feed me some of the relaxation prompts during my actual labor and delivery. My labor lasted more than 24 hours and Shasta made herself available day and night with presence and enthusiasm. My husband was so grateful that she could pick up the slack when he was too fatigued to help. She was also helpful in terms of suggesting body positions and walking with me through the park. Her touch and acupressure massage were very soothing and I felt encouraged just having someone like her to talk to and to facilitate some of my communication with the midwives and my husband. She is highly knowledgeable, very sweet and warm and just plain nice to be around. I'd highly recommend her to any woman wanting an enjoyable natural birth... even if that prospect sounds a bit scary or challenging... her encouragement can help you have the birthing experience you really want."

-Kat Delse Mardirous, MS., L.Ac.

Kat : Mother to Alexander

Paul: Father of Callaghan

"In a word, Shasta was invaluable during my wife's recent childbirth. Shasta provided my wife and me with an unbelievable amount of support, education, and guidance in the weeks leading up to the birth of our son, and she was amazing during the birth process. She provided wonderful encouragement and insights while my wife was birthing, and supported her in being able to give birth naturally (as we wanted to do.) As the father, Shasta provided my wife with the support and guidance she needed so that I could fully support my wife emotionally during her childbirth.I can honestly and passionately say that I cannot imagine the birth of my son without Shasta's support, and I heartily recommend her services to anyone."


- Paul M

Duygu: Mother of Batu

"Shasta is an incredible birth doula & a great friend! she saved me. I had a pretty hard delivery, during all this time she was amazing, and supported me in my natural birth. Even a couple of days after the delivery, when I had a melt down, she was there for me with full support. I highly recommend her everyone, who is on her 3rd trimester. She is my hero! :)"

-Duygu E.

Tiffany: Mother of Olive & Liam

"I cannot tell the story of my births without recounting how amazing Shasta was! She supported and encouraged me for weeks before birth, and was holding my hand, rubbing my back or feeding me water throughout my entire labor. I was nervous about a hospital birth because I didn't want to have procedures forced on me while I was in such a vulnerable state. Shasta was so calm and kind with the hospital staff, and yet she was my advocate first and foremost. Because of her support and guidance, I was able to have an intervention free birthing experience. I know my birth would not have been this way without her. If I have to ever face child labor again, I want her by my side!"


-Tiffany E

Paula: Mother to Callaghan


"If you are pregnant and thought about having a doula, do it! Shasta's service is amazing. "

"The birth of my first son was less than ideal, so my husband and I decided to seek the assistance of a doula with our second child. Shasta met with us several times leading up to the birth.  She patiently listened to our concerns and helped us make informed decisions when writing our birth plan. When my water broke and it looked like I may have to be induced (not a part of our plan), Shasta came in and supported me in taking back control of our birth. She then spent the rest of the night with us at the hospital giving invaluable emotional and physical support. With her help, I was able to have the natural birth that I wanted.  It was so empowering and a completely different birthing experience than my first. I attribute these feelings about my experience to the fact that we had Shasta there with us.  I am so grateful for all she has done for us."


 -Paula M

Angela: Mother to Quincy

"Shasta truly has a gift, I can't imagine making it through our daughters birth with out her, she was calm, collected, compassionate and advocated for my birth plan when I was unable to. She is more than worth it, I hope I never have to have a baby without her!"


-Angela S.

Martin: Father of Ruby

"I will be the first to admit, that as the man and husband, I was unsure about your doula work. Not you as a person, but you,  as in--the professional service which you claim to provide. I had said before, "human beings have been having babies and reproducing for tens of thousands of years, why do we need to hire someone to help us?" Well, to all people reading this, Shasta was able to exceed anything I ever could have imagined and blew my blanketed statement out of the water.

Shasta's fee is way below market value, and I believe she does more for her clients than other doulas charging twice as much.

Shasta was there at our house during all stages of labor, and/or she was on the phone with my wife. She used massage, oils, stretching/positioning technique (baby was sunny side up in early labor), warm baths, and her utmost respected professional opinion about my wife's birth.

Shasta guided me during many of the stages of labor, turning my inexperience and nervousness into positive action.


Shasta even took pictures!

Shasta stayed late into the morning, making sure our birth plan was taken into account by our doctors. She stayed with us from Labor Delivery all the way until we checked in to the hospital room where our new family stayed the first two nights together. She could have left after the birth...but no...she stayed...giving us encouragement, and advice after the birth was well over and her job was technically done.

Like I said, I could not image the experience of the birth of our child without Shasta there. She truly is a special person. Her attitude, professionalism, encouragement, positivity, gameplan, techniques, follow through, and love makes her the best doula for anyone in my mind. I hope to use her again when we have another child.


-Martin P.

Heather: Mother to Ava

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April: Mother to Jaxson

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